Breathable fabrics for summer

What kind of  clothes are breathable in summer and why ?

Why we should give more attention to fabrics we are wearing in summers?

Here are some breathable fabrics to wear in summer –

We should give little more attention to what are we wearing in summers because in summers we tend to sweat a lot and there are more chances to catch an infection or irritation on skin. So, here are some breathable fabrics for summer. of the clothes can be the reason of the infection sometimes because our body need to breathe and if you are not opting the right fabric cloth you may suffer in future for this mistake.

As we all say, We should wear loose and not fully covered clothes in summers to protect ourselves  from sweat. But it doesn’t matter what you are  wearing if you haven’t chose the right material for your clothes .

Choosing a right material for clothes is the biggest favour you can do for your skin and body.

Fabrics that are breathable for your skin in summer-


Cotton without a doubt , cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics. This soft and lightweight fabric is perfect for the summers and can help you keep cool . Cotton knits are fashioned in the manner that there are airy loops which allow proper air circulation. cotton is the most suitable fabric to wear in summers.

Breathable fabrics for summer|cotton fabric

Khadi  is another suitable fabric which came into trend during the swadeshi  movement , and since then it has flourished all over the globe.

Breathable fabrics for summer|khadi fabric

Lawn cloth is a lightweight fabric that gives you a baby soft feel. It is suitable because lawn cloth is semi-sheer fabric  woven  in linen and cotton that gives it a smooth texture and help pacify a person from the scorching heat.


Fresco another lightweight , tough, breathable and fresh feeling fabric is fresco. Fresco leaves its wearer extremely comfortable and the high twist of the material gives ample room for air, making it the more suitable summer fabric.

Breathable fabrics for summer|fresco fabric

Seersucker now if you are looking for a fabric that feels cool in this hot summer,  seersucker is your ultimate companion . this fabric needs no ironing and is lightweight with a preppy feel. This quality makes it more suitable fabric for summers.

Breathable fabrics for summer|seersucker fabric

Rayon is another excellent fabric that would make you feel comfortable in the heat . It is a man-made fabric made out of wood pulp, cellulose, cotton, and other natural synthetics. Because it’s a man-made fabric, you can trust on this fabric for it’s comfortability.

Breathable fabrics for summer| rayon fabric

Linen is a natural fibre made from flax plants, linen is known for its cool feel  and comfort. It  is available in soothing shades which will make you look swanky. And this quality of this fabric makes it more comfortable for summers.

Breathable fabric for summer|linen fabric

Now, you are ready to beat the heat of the summer you can use these fabric in your daily outfits. You can wear the outfit of your choice. These fabrics are the most suitable ones for any of your outfit.

These fabrics are used in all types of outfits. you can get these fabrics in short dresses or in sarees.

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