Outfit which will make you look different in wedding!!

Ruffle/frill saree outfit!!

When it comes to ethnic outfit we almost run out of options, aren’t we?

Here’s the solution! 2019 has come up with the trend of frills. And the most amazing part is now we can add frills in our wedding outfits too to make them look intresting and trendy.

If we see frills are not new. Frill trend was introduced in the 90’s but after sometime it got vanished but now 2019 has introduced it all again. As we say fashion repeats itself .

When we hear the name wedding we instantly start thinking about heavy outfits and heavy jewelleries. Isn’t we? As we all want to look best.

Wedding is all about food, music, dance and pictures to create some beautiful memories but every girls dream is to look different in wedding. And also to wear something in which they can be comfortable and can move freely.

But this frill saree is so easy to carry and the amazing part is you don’t need any heavy jewellery to complete this look this saree is enough in itself to rock the event.

You are just an earrings away to complete this look . And you are ready to own the stage.

Ruffle saree is a perfect combination of ethnic decency and western style. What else you need for the wedding look ?

Moreover this ruffle saree look has some vintage vibes in it which makes it more classy and catchy. And in wedding everyone wants to carry something catchy to get some more attention. And who don’t like attention?

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